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First let me thank you for taking some time to learn more about myself, and my candidacy for United States Representative from District 22 in the great state of Florida. I seek office and the chance to represent the people of district 22 with one goal: to restore a more secure future for our country. We face an uncertain time. Threats both domestic and abroad possess the ability to undermine our way of life. We must tackle the issues of runaway government spending and international terrorism to ensure the promise of America remains for generations to come.

Let’s work toward strengthening our global leadership position by promoting thoughtful, evenhanded, and responsible solutions to the challenges we face. If anything, our United States has always been resilient. We can be so again if we aggressively seek long term resolutions to our struggles and not settle for short term political rhetoric. Let’s lead by example.

I urge you, please, to review my website and become better acquainted with me and my views. If you like what you see and are encouraged by the progress we could make as a nation, then please do not hesitate to join my campaign. Let’s work to restore a better tomorrow.


David Brady

Let's work to restore a better tomorrow.

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